Sunday, July 17, 2011

Math Work Stations - Chapter 6

What a summer it's been!  I can't believe I'm so far behind on my Math Work Station posts!  Or my curriculum things that I need and want to do before we officially report back.  I officially report back on July 26th and the students start on August 1st.  I started going in a couple hours at a time on Friday, then Monday and Thursday.   I've made significant progress in setting up furniture and unpacking boxes, but that's for another post!

When we work on Place Value, I encourage the students to talk about how many groups of tens and ones are in a number, how they can be grouped, or how to break it down to make it easier to count large numbers.  In kindergarten, I added a straw for each day of school and we would count it by ones and then count it by groups of tens and count on.  After the 100th day, we started from 100 and counted on.  The kids loved the routine and it really helped to get them to understand larger numbers and decomposing numbers.  They were often the ones who reminded myself of the student teacher that we needed to do the routine on days that were rushed.  I am going to continue to use this routine when I teach second grade this year, but also include coins, tally marks, and expanded notation so that the students show their understanding of place value in multiple ways.  I am thinking that my daily calendar routine will include something like this chart.  This seems to be a major part of the Common Core State Standards that we are transitioning to this year.  It was the major focus at the workshop I attended on Wednesday.

One of the games that my students LOVED last year during Math Workshop was an activity where they pulled a number card and represented the number with base ten blocks or connecting cubes.  Once they had "built" the number, they told their partner what number they had, how many tens and ones were in the number, and counted out what they had.  I typed out the numbers and printed them multiple pages to a page and cut them, but it was also really easy to write them on index cards as we went to add more to the set.  I had a few cards that were self-correcting and I drew the base ten blocks on the back.  Here's an example of the cards that I am making for the second grade version.  For kindergarten, I had 0-30 and duplicates of the teen numbers.

I wish I had more pictures of my students doing the activities.  When I was told that I'd be moving to second grade, I was so sad that I didn't even think about how I could document everything I was doing.  I am going to be better at doing that for my professional development and teaching portfolio than I have been in the past.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally Ready!

After waiting for what felt like forever, I got an email from our ELL teacher saying she'd finished moving almost all of her things out of the classroom that will be mine this school year into her office/teaching space that is less than half the size. I felt really bad and was really appreciative that she cleared a corner for me to stack my boxes from early May, so I told her to take her time. But en I got antsy. :) Now I've got a clean carpet and a new HUGE space that is all mine! Although I still wish I was assigned to teach kindergarten again next year, this space is every teacher's dream! (if only it had more windows...)

From the back corner where I'll share a door with the neighboring class.

My neatly stacked boxes are now spread out and I have to sort through them before unpacking. Thankfully I numbered almost all of them and kept an inventory of what is in each box!

My awesome sink and counter! Nothing there right now is mine, but there's space for my Keurig if I decide I need it in my classroom!

These are the desks I have for now, which aren't enough for my class, but more will be coming in from a neighboring school today. I'm hoping I can manage to get a matching set!

I'll be heading over there today after summer school so that I can move my furniture and organize the boxes. After that, it should be a piece of cake! I've been spoiled being in the same room for most of my teaching career and it's been so easy every year to put the room back together exactly how I like it with only a few changes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great Shopping Finds

So I'm loving linky parties these days! I stumbled upon Lady Bug Teacher File's teacher shopping finds linky party and was instantly jealous of the things teachers on the mainland are finding at Target's Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree. They make me miss my days of living in Oregon! We finally have Target here in Hawaii, but no Dollar Spot section here! A friend of mine who is also a teacher recently returned from a trip to the east coast and brought back a suitcase filled with Dollar Spot finds! Oh I wish! But I found some awesome deals in the last week, despite the announcement that we'll be taking a 5% pay cut.

In addition to my great classroom finds, I found some also deals on clothes at the Banana Republic outlet, Ann Taylor store, and a local boutique. Trouser jeans for $20! I also found that if I go up a waist size, petite jeans fit perfectly. I'm "tall" for being part Japanese, but my legs are short and regular length are too long, even with heels! I got some cute bermuda shorts at Ann Taylor for 40% off. They're a must since we start school on Aug 1 and it will still be HOT until October. I rarely wore dresses in kindergarten, but I got 2 cute ones at the boutique that I can wear comfortably in 2nd grade. No pictures of the clothes! :)

Happy Shopping and Bargain Hunting!

It's Here!

Wool hoo! The electronic math flash card that I won from PrimaryGraffiti came today via UPS. I'm so excited about it that I'll probably open it up and use it tomorrow with my summer school group to see how it works.

Also, I just downloaded Blogger+ on my iPad, so I'm trying out blogging on it. I'm writing this draft at the gym while I wait for my TurboKick class to start. I've figured out how to do the links, but not sure about the photo part. I might need to post this blog and edit it so that I can put in a picture of the product... Oooh! Or not! I've found all kinds of features for this app, but that's for another post!