Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where did the semester go?

Wow!  My last blog post was in JULY!  Sorry to my few followers!  I started this blog with the intent of posting new things I developed as I started a new position, but my new position has taken a lot out of me.  I feel more drained than I thought I would feel this school year.  One of my personal and professional goals in 2012 is to maintain this blog and a personal posterous blog that I started in 2011 with more regularity.  There have been so many things that I wanted to blog about, from starting up my classroom in an amazing space (except for the dust and pollen, lack of natural light, and pest problem), working with a very eclectic new team, and the creative things I have had to come up with to make second grade work for me.

So where have I been this semester?  I've been learning a new set of standards, new curriculum, training for the 2011 Honolulu Marathon, nursing tendinitis, helping to plan/organize/execute a good friend's wedding, and stomaching the results of last year's National Board Certification re-try entries.  I've gotten a hold on the standards and curriculum, I finished the marathon despite the tendinitis (shaved 40 minutes off my 2006 time), the wedding was amazing, and I've accepted the fact that I will have to try again to prove that I should be a board certified teacher.  I'm trying for the Early Childhood Generalist certification and am on my last chance for retakes, so I'll be doing the portfolio entries on Building a Classroom Community, Integrating Mathematics and Science, and Documented Accomplishments again as well as taking the Assessment Center tests for Science and Social Studies.  I haven't started any of it yet and the support group I worked with in the past is not being hosted this year, so I'll be having at it on my own.  I'll probably being using this blog to vent about the process and mark milestones.

Okay, enough with the words!  I've got a bunch of errands that need to be done and meeting up with a friend for lunch.


  1. Have you joined It is a forum specifically for teachers going for the Early Childhood Generalist. They have expanded it to include EMC Literacy and I just joined it...definitely more geared toward the ECGen crowd. I'm seriously wondering if I just wasted my $ on it because it aligns THAT MUCH more with ECGen.

  2. Here's a site I just found that might help you too!!

  3. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions, Sunny! I've been looking into them this weekend in between the cooking and family gatherings (NY is bigger than Christmas in my family). I'll definitely be joining and have been reading the book you suggested. My confidence is building each day!