Monday, January 16, 2012

New Contract Thoughts

Oh what a week and a half it has been! We had a contract forced on us by the Governor last summer. His "Last, Best and Final Offer" was disappointing and the union took it to court. Now that we're at risk of losing our Race to the Top funds, the state was ready to go back to the bargaining table. The union and the state have a tentative agreement that we need to vote on this Thursday. There's been lots of back and forth in person and on the Facebook page. I've become more active in the union this year and I want to tell all of the people posting negative things that they are entitled to their opinions, but if they want to make change, then they should get more involved. Where were they today when we marched in the MLK Day parade?

I'm hoping to post tomorrow about the awesome grant I got and staring a project with my class!

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