Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Break

Where as Winter Break gone?  Today is the last official day, tomorrow is supposed to be a teacher work day, but with the contract that the governor implemented in July, we will be on Directed Leave Without Pay instead.  I've gone in a couple of times over the last 2 weeks.  One day I did a thorough cleaning of my "office" area and the others I just stopped in to feed my fish.

Without my bestie and her sweet sons around over the break, I had to find things to keep myself occupied.  The highlights though?

I started on a 2012 goal and went to a crochet class where I learned to single stitch, double stitch, and triple stitch.  Just enough so that I'll be able to make a couple of the projects that I've pinned, including making dish scrubbers with nylon netting.

I wrote down my grandmother's "recipe" for traditional mochi soup that we eat for breakfast on New Year's Day.  It's taken 27 years, but I finally have acquired a taste for it and actually ate 2 bowls this year!

What have I not done?  Report cards, science/social studies unit planning, National Board entry planning...


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! See my post:

  2. Thank you for the nomination! With the week back and birth a friend's baby, I'm a little behind on my blogging already!